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Working with a Mortgage Broker

July 3, 2016 | Posted by: Laurie Anne Faulkner

Why Consult a  Mortgage Broker?

Using a Mortgage Broker to arrange your financing has a multitude of advantages:

Today’s mortgage market offers more choices than ever before, making it time consuming to compare products. Rates are important; however there are many other features and issues to consider to ensure your choice best fits your needs.

You will be formally pre-qualified so that you know how much you can afford and what price range of property you should be shopping for.

We will guide you through the application process, advise you of supporting documentation necessary for mortgage financing, and will do all the shopping for you.

We have access to a greater range of mortgage products and options. Many of the best mortgage products available today are available exclusively through a mortgage broker.

Additionally, we have access to non-traditional mortgage products for people who are self-employed, investors, or people with damaged credit.

As accredited members of the Mortgage Brokers Association of British Columbia (MBABC), we are committed to maintaining a high standard of ethics and business practices, giving you the comfortand security of knowing we will always be working with your best interests mind.

We offer exceptional rates, and we deal with first quality, brand name banks and lenders.

But REMEMBER, a mortgage isn’t just about rates !

While it is important to keep close tabs on competitive rates, there are other critical factors in mortgage design: like features and options, market trends, and your long-term goals.

You need a mortgage plan that is a custom fit for you, and a planner who keeps in touch with you during your mortgage years. You deserve dedicated attention.

Your mortgage is a big decision and a powerful financial tool. I look forward to helping you achieve your financial and homeownership goals.

Call me with any questions about how a mortgage broker can help you    Laurie Anne Faulkner 250-588-2288

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