Do You Need a Mortgage Check Up?

We are living in the lowest interest rate environment in Canadian history.

We are living in the lowest interest rate environment in Canadian history.

Let Me Give You a Mortgage Check-Up

  • Are you paying too much in interest with your current mortgage ?
  • Is it worth your while to renegotiate your mortgage to a lower rate?
  • What will this cost you now and in the long run?
  • Are you considerating a move?
  • What are the benefits of mortgage portability?

It's wise to begin by talking with a mortgage broker. You're about to take a big step; you'll want some advice from an expert. My best advice? Begin with a conversation.

I am able to look at your current mortgage and advise you if you would be better off changing your mortgage at this time, or to confirm that your existing deal is a good one.

Just fill the form below and send it back to me or Email Me to set up an appointment to discuss this. I’ll review your existing mortgage terms to ensure that they are the best available by comparing your rate and features with those currently offered by lenders across Canada.

I will compare the cost to renegotiate compared to staying put until the end of your term and once I have established your options I will report back to you with my recommendation. There is absolutely no charge to you for this service.

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