Vacation & Second Home Mortgages

Spend quality time in your vacation property.

Secondary or Vacation Homes!

More Canadians than ever before are now spending quality time in their own second home or vacation property. Cottages are now providing family memories for many average Canadians, who are taking advantage of the great low rates, and the innovative new mortgage products that put these getaway homes within reach.

There are several financial options that you can take to achieve this goal:
- You may want to use the equity in your principal residence to finance your cottage purchase,
- Or you may opt to take out a second mortgage on your principal home.
- Or you could simply finance the vacation property on its own merits.

You should know that most lenders are watching for a few things when they finance a cottage. For example, they usually like to see a well-built property, with water and a proper foundation in a good location with year-round access. Not sure if a cottage is within reach? Call me to talk about it - there are many more long Canadian summers in our future. Think about where you would like to spend the next one.

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